Pointing Services Willesden

Our Pointing team at Willesden of MR Pointing and Brickworks has a great experience with providing pointing services. Our team understands that it is a complex process and therefore works with commitment to help our customers. Many times, we have customers who know either very little or nothing about the pointing process. Therefore, our team finds it their duty to explain and help them out to the best of their abilities. 

It is important to understand what pointing is. It is the process by which the joints in between the bricks are filled with mortar to give the building the structural stability it needs. This process is crucial since the weather conditions and the terrible pollutants tend to stick to the bricks and cause the bricks to erode and eventually chip off. 

However, this process might not occur if the cement used in the mortar is of good quality. Likewise, if the bricks used in the building are strong, there would automatically be less need of anything else to keep them joined. It is, however, quite obvious that if the building is new, it would need less work; while an older building would need a lot more work to look pleasing.

Repointing Willesden / Pointing Repair Willesden

Our repointing team at Willesden is known for being one of the best ones for the process of repointing. Our team greatly understands how crucial the process is and therefore, make sure to help any customer who comes looking for it. Our team strictly consists of professionals who are ready to aid our customers using their experience of many years and putting it into practice. 

Before getting into the repointing process, it is pertinent to know what pointing is as well. Pointing is the filling of the brick joints with mortar to maintain the structural stability of the building. The process is important as it prevents issues such as erosion that tend to occur due to the weather conditions and the pollutants in the air. 

As important as the process is, it is also pertinent to know what the issues that cause the need to repoint are. Drastic weather conditions and the pollution that encapsulates the skies are a basic cause. This causes cracks in the bricks. Albeit both the small and the large cracks do not need to be fixed as with small cracks it is too early and fixing large cracks would cause further problems.

Chimney Repair Willesden

A chimney is the most common exhaust known to man. People perceive a chimney to be merely an exhaust, whereas in fact it is a machine that generates airflow. Just like any other machine, a chimney too needs care to work properly. Our Chimney Repair team at Willesden ensures exactly that. 

Contrary to popular belief, it is not only the inside cleaning of the chimney that matters but in fact the outer structure that ensures the stability of the chimney. Not that the inside of the chimney should not be cleaned, but it is the outer part of the chimney that constitutes the working of the chimney. 

There are two basic ways in which a chimney may be damaged. The first one is where the mortar used in the chimney gets damaged. This is because of the drastic weather conditions and the pollutants that tend to stick to the mortar and cannot be removed without causing erosion to the bricks. The second one is rainfall. Rainfall causes the bricks to erode because of the pressure of the water. Our team’s job is simple, to make sure that the access particles are removed from the building.