We believe that some property owners do not understand the importance of pointing and pointing repair services. The mortar between bricks is an essential attribute and has a great impact on the overall quality of a wall. It’s a substance that is softer than brick and at some point will erode due to aging or weathering. Natural decay, weathering and pollution are all damaging to London facades as well as unattractive and should be considered in your home maintenance plans.

Most homeowners do notice the open joints around the mortar bed but do not comprehend the damage it can cause externally and internally. Some will carry out a DIY repointing job themselves but if inexperienced in the trade, we would suggest using a professional who understands the process and materials. Pointing is a labor intensive job that requires manual work, as there is no automated way to do it.

Brief Repointing process:

1. Remove old pointing with hammer and chisel
2. Clean or brush out gap between brick/stone
3. Mix mortar There are a wide range of colours and textures that can be achieved to match the original materials. Homes built during the Victorian period and earlier used lime mortar
4. Repointing is usually applied from the top of the wall downwards. The vertical joins between are fill as well as the horizontals, overlapping at the joints. The mortar is then left to nearly dry. A wire brush is used to take of the excess mortar and leave a face joint.
5. Some brick repair and replacement work may be necessary

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