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Michael Rock founded MR Pointing and Brickwork in 1985 to restore, preserve and enhance properties in London. Starting business in North London, then expanding out to West and Central London, Michael quickly achieved high standing within the local communities. As a small company we take pride in our reputation as a reliable business that gets the job done. 95% of our work is either through recommendations or our work speaking for itself. Michael has an “old school” workman mentality believing that quality craftsmanship comes first! His priorities are: Quality craftsmanship Quality materials Customer satisfaction Michael has extensive experience and expertise in Pointing Services , Repointing Services , Chimney Repairs , Chimney Installation, Brickwork services being in the business for over 30 years. Trained from the age of 16 in the craft that he loves. His motto is to complete the job to the best of his ability or not to do it at all! “If a customer is not satisfied with our work, I am not satisfied, as it is happy customers that have kept us in business for over 30 years”. MR Pointing and Brickwork have served North, West and Central London communities for over 30 years.

Our services will help to reverse damage, restore the original features and character and enhance appearance. MR Pointing and Brickwork believe in protecting, preserving and appreciating the architectural elements of our British buildings. Traditional techniques are used in many cases to preserve the original materials and decorative elements. Michael’s wealth of experience means he has built solid working relationships with surveyors, building contractors and most importantly homeowners. Enjoying the personal touch of homeowners catering to their needs and expectations, then to exceed them. And to watch the professionals in the trade appreciate our work as they calculate the added value. No job is too small for MR Pointing and Brickwork; we relish the large and the small, just enjoying what we do and endeavour to do it well. If you would like to make your property more aesthetically pleasing, repair damage or rebuild elements then feel free to contact Michael Rock from MR Pointing and Brickwork for a no obligation quotation.

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    Chimney Repairs And Installation

    MR Pointing and Brickwork undertake numerous chimney repairs and rebuilds projects. Chimneys can be one of the most vulnerable structures on our homes having to endure heat, cold weather, gales and winds not to the mention the damage from flue gasses.
    When chimneys are structurally vulnerable small cracks appear in the mortar that expand over time. Moisture will penetrate the brickwork leading to flaky surfaces and eventually the bricks will disintegrate. The roof of a chimney is called a crown and can made from poured concrete, stone or metal. Its purpose is to direct the water to flow down the outside of the chimney to the roof.

    Chimney repairs include:

    • Partial rebuilds
    Repair and replacement of chimney crowns
    Repointing of chimney
    • General repairs to chimney stacks and pots
    Brick repairs and replacement

    For chimney repairs and rebuilds call Michael at 07751362934 or write us at info@mrpointingandbrickwork.co.uk for a no obligation quotation.