MR Pointing and Brickwork have years of experience in dealing with brick cleaning and paint removal services. Bricks hold a vast share of the building’s beauty, in addition to the strength they hold. If your brickwork has been painted or accumulated soiling and dirt due to modern pollutants then you may need to consider brick cleaning services. Our brick cleaning process removes dirt, grime and staining that has deposited on brickwork over the years. Painted brickwork or graffiti can be removed in the same manner. Most bricks are susceptible to impact damage, which is why it needs a professional to assess which cleaning method should be undertaken. Sandblasting and power washing are some of the methods used that are quick but can cause erosion damage if not used with expertise. Chemical solutions can also be applied which is a softer way of removing paint and grime being careful not to damage the bricks or decorative features. Our solutions are environmentally friendly. MR Pointing and Brickwork enjoy skillfully transforming a dull and dreary exterior back to its original splendor. We respect people’s homes and the properties character ensuring our team is efficient, orderly, respectful and courteous.

Brief Brick Cleaning process

• Mix and apply a cleaning solution choosing the appropriate solution for the particular stain(s) e.g. mold, algae etc.
• Spray or brush on cleaning solution allowing time for the solution to penetrate the stains
• Use pressure washer to rinse surfaces exposed to cleaning solution ensuring it is rinsed thoroughly
• The mortar may need a separate solution that will remove the stains the brick cleaning solution did not. This would be brushed on to the mortar and scrubbed as applied.
• We use a specialist sealant to seal brickwork thoroughly preventing further soiling.

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