MR Pointing and Brickwork take pride in our brickwork services. It’s the core of our business and we have extensive experience in this field.
Cracked or damaged bricks can cause various issues such as damp, black mold and internal flaking plasterboard, therefore should replaced as soon as possible.

Occasionally bricks need to be repaired or replaced. MR Pointing and Brickwork always use ‘like-for-like’ materials to match the original building fabric. Taking the time to source original brick type and color. Mixing mortar skillfully to ensure the perfect color match. We are also able to tone down new repairs, blending the new with the old keeping the properties authenticity.

Brickwork repairs and replacement are long lasting and should only need to be completed once during your ownership.
Brief Brick Replacement process

• Source matching bricks for brick replacement. MR Pointing and Brickwork keep stock of popular reclaimed bricks for older properties
• Match mortar color.
• Chisel out old mortar around the brick to be removed.
• Loosen bricks and remove
• Once bricks have been removed, chip away remaining mortar from inside the hole and brush clean removing dust and debris
• Apply mortar to inside of hole, then cover the top of bricks
• Place brick in position and level with rest of wall. Then fill gaps with mortar.

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