Brick paving offers one of the most durable surfaces for external wear and tear areas. With a little thought and planning we can help create a brick paved area, which will complement the style of your home. Brick paving allows you to create simple or complex patterns, shapes, textures, colours and contrast.

Heavy-duty brick are used for driveways that are able to withstand heavy vehicles and traffic on and off the driveway.

MR Pointing and Brickwork offers the following brick paving services for residential or commercial properties:

• Patio paving
• Garden paths, steps and walls
• Flowerbed edging
• Driveways

Brief Patio Brick Paving process

• Calculate dimensions of paved area to avoid waste and minimise cutting
• Prepare base and level surface
• Lay edging around the outside border of the patio
• Pour sand over entire areas inside edging.
• Begin laying brick pavers starting at an logical point for the design

For brick paving services contact Michael for a no obligation quotation.