A slab is a top of a table which is used to carry out specific activities and operations. It gets damaged and deteriorated because it is used as a surface to conduct operations. Movement of heavy vehicles, routine wear and tear, erosion and other such factors subject the slabs to undergo damages. All these factors make it necessary to go for slab repairs at regular intervals.

At MR Pointing and Bricks, we extend the services of repairing slabs. Our experience in the field of brickwork pointing and other repairs has enabled us to carry out slab maintenance professionally and effectively. Our team of experts and specialists ensure that the repairing and repointing is done as per standards of safety and security without compromising the quality of services.

MR Pointing and Bricks offers its services in slab repairs in the following categories:

  1. Joint Repairs:

Often multiple slabs are joined to make a surface. Over a period, the joints of these slabs start getting eroded. The slab starts getting damaged from these joints. Therefore, it becomes necessary to repair slab joints so that the deterioration could be controlled in the initial stage.

  1. Joint Resealing:

It is a precautionary and preventive measure which is taken to protect your slabs against wear and tear. By sealing the joints, the edges of slabs are defended against breakdown. The joints of slabs are coated with mortar so that they do not become a host for inviting collapsing.

  1. Crack Repair:

At MR Pointing and Bricks, we carry out slab repair by restoring the cracks which develop in slabs. This is rebounding of two pairs of slabs which have separated due to any reason. It might be because of an earthquake or abrupt temperature differences or pressure release. The crack repair enhances the beauty of the surface and also protects the slab from further deterioration.

  1. Other repairs:

There are other types of repairs which slabs might need. They can be of any type i-e crevices and drills. You can get your slabs repaired in a professional manner with our specialists’ services.

MR Pointing and Bricks enjoys a great reputation when it comes to repointing surfaces and repairing buildings. This is something which finds its validation in our clients’ testimonials and reviews. We provide the best restoration services for repairing, repointing and maintenance. We repair slabs through the application of various techniques. These are discussed below:

We choose our repairing material i-e mortar with extreme caution and care. For that matter, we choose quick settling mortar and repair material; which ensures that the slab repair is done effectively, without causing any harm to the surrounding. With the help of modern and powerful vacuum systems, we ensure that there is no airborne dust and therefore there is no further need for protection. All our concrete floor repairs are done while keeping the surrounding in view. This means that traffic density is considered while carrying out the repair. Also, slab repair is done to smoothen the surface so that it does not pose any threat to a human being by causing tripping.

We carry out the joint repair in a detailed manner to remove the defects so that we can improve the efficiency. We strictly believe that a well-maintained and damage-free concrete floor slab and a pro-active approach to flawless floor maintenance can impact operational performance positively in the long-run.