Masonry work on walls is done with brick or stones which are glued together with the help of mortar. Another way of looking at masonry work is that in masonry work the blocks or stones are separated with the help of mortar.

Now, in brickwork walls, the stones and bricks are hard, non-porous and impermeable substances whereas the mortar is soft and porous substance. Therefore, the stones and bricks are more resistant to erosion and deterioration as compared to the mortar. The masonry wall is more susceptible to damage because of the mortar.

Not only the depreciation and damaged wall pose a threat to the lives of people living in that building and surroundings; it looks horribly ugly and awful. It is a pain for your taste-buds and aesthetics to look at the masonry wall which needs repairing.

Garden Walls:

Garden walls are a beautiful manifestation of brickwork and masonry work. They add to the beauty of the garden because of their artsy appearance. However, this masonry work on garden walls needs repairing and repointing quite frequently. The main reason behind this need for repairing is that the mortar is damaged and depreciated because of climatic and geographical factors. Due to wind and water erosion and due to the freeze-thaw cycle, the mortar loosens and eventually breaks off. Consequently, the structure becomes weak. Making it all the more necessary to carry our repairing and repointing for garden walls.

Need for Repointing:

When the mortar loosens, it makes the bricks and tiles unsupported. This whole structure becomes vulnerable. Therefore, the garden wall becomes a threat to the safety of the community. It becomes all the more necessary and even inevitable to repair and repoint garden walls.

How is repointing done?

Repointing is a process in which the damaged walls are repaired by glueing bricks. The glueing agent is mortar; which is made up of either cement or lime or other elements. The cement mortar is stronger and less porous whereas the lime mortar is not so reliable as compared to other mortar.

Therefore, when it comes to repointing and repairing garden walls, it is important to use mortar which is more reliable because you cannot risk the safety and protection of your loved ones and other precious lives because of a vulnerable structure.

Why Hire Us For Repairing and Repointing Garden Wall?

We all know that mortar makes up about 15% of the surface of a brick wall. If done badly, mortar might ruin the overall look of your garden wall. It might actually make it ugly instead of beautifying it. Therefore, what you need is: hire services of our specialists and dexterous workers to help you with repairing and repointing of the damaged garden wall so that it can enhance the beauty and functionality of your garden.

Our experience and team of competitive workforce make us the best for providing brickwork repointing services in the town.