The surface of patios is such that brick, tiles, stones or blocks of concrete are held together with the help of mortar. These blocks; bricks, stones, etc.; do not undergo that much of depreciation as is the case with mortar which holds them together. This is because the blocks and stones are not porous and are not eroded by water or wind that much. Therefore, patios need repairing and repointing after some time.

Need for repairing and repointing:

A surface with masonry work is bound to undergo repair or maintenance after some time. This is because of the fact that after some time the mortar which holds the stones and bricks together starts losing out because of the freeze-thaw cycle of water which runs into joints of the patio. Because of this freeze-thaw cycle, the mortar comes out and leaves the blocks of stones and bricks separated. This arises the need for patio repairing and repointing.

Factors behind depreciation:

As the time passes, weed or other plants might grow in joints of the patio. This biological activity weakens the joint by eroding the mortar through hydraulic action and their own pressure. Also, because of heavy and rough traffic, the mortar which holds the tiles together might come off. Yet another factor which cannot be ruled out Is the activity of insects and other organisms. The list of factors will remain incomplete without mentioning poor craftsmanship and substandard construction material. All these factors affect patio and hence make it necessary to repair and repoint patio.


The repairing process of masonry surface is known as repointing. In this process, the broken out mortar, which held the blocks of stones together, is redone. The blocks of bricks and stones of the patio are brought together for repairing through repointing. If left unattended, the patio will be ruined, and it might even become dangerous for the surroundings.

What can be repointed?

With patios repointing and repairing can be done for cracks and for the whole surface. This is to protect slabs and blocks from coming out or from shaking. In case the tiles are left undone, they not only look ugly but also pose a danger to safety for surroundings. Therefore, it is inevitable to repair and repoint patios after some time passes.

MR Pointing and Brickworks:

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