The top of the masonry walls is commonly known as parapets. In order to avoid penetration of moisture, coping is placed on masonry walls. It is because of the defective and damaged coating that moisture makes its way to the buildings. For the protection of masonry walls, coping should be in good condition.

Parapet walls became popular for Victorian and Georgian buildings in the start of 18th century. This was because of their practicality that parapet walls were a sought-after feature of buildings. Parapet walls offer protection against fire because they impede the spread of fire by making a boundary on slanting roof. This gives the roofs of building a flat roof look.

Parapet walls are a practical solution for providing a boundary between neighboring properties’ roofs. It serves as an extension of the wall by which the roof is supported. Since the outer layer and coating of cement is old, it allows the moisture to creep in. this causes more damage to buildings, and it becomes necessary to get parapet wall repaired.

What damages Parapet Walls?

Climatic changes and weather cause parapet walls to undergo damages. Due to the freeze-thaw cycle, rains, snowfall and erosion; the parapet walls are affected. These damages include deterioration of pointing or rendering.

Why do we need to repair parapet walls?

Well, you wouldn’t want to live in a building which is weak and poses a threat or danger to the lives of people. Not only is this dangerous to live in such buildings but it is also quite unsafe for the surroundings. For the safety and security of lives, the weak parapet walls need repairing.

How can you live in a building which has walls which look untidy and dirty because they are in desperate need of repairing? Every time you look at the old built wall and you are grossed out by the mere sight of it. And it keeps tingling in your head to have it repaired and done because it has ruined the overall look and appeal of your house.

What are your options?

When things have turned ugly and unsafe for you; it’s about time to get your parapet wall repaired.

MR Pointing and Bricks can help repair parapet walls by extending the services of repairs and replacements. With the help of new rendering, you can protect your walls from getting weak, and you can also restore their look. This would help to prevent moisture from coming into your buildings.

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