Pointing Services Swiss Cottage

Our Pointing team at Swiss Cottage is known for their experience with the process of pointing. Our team understands greatly that the whole process is a complex one and that there are various customers who know little or nothing about the procedure. For this reason, our team ensures to guide and help the customers so that they are satisfied. 

Before, getting into anything else, it is pertinent to understand what pointing is. It is the process by which the brick joints are filled with mortar. This is an important process because overtime the environmental and natural causes tend to affect the bricks causing erosion and weathering to them. 

There are two main issues that need to be determined to keep pointing to work and remain fresh. The first one is the use of good cement. If the cement used in the mortar is good, then obviously the mortar will remain intact for a longer period of time. Secondly, the bricks used should be of good quality as well so as to maintain the structural stability of the building. One thing is for sure, if the building is new it will need less work while an older building would need more work.

Repointing Swiss Cottage / Pointing Repair Swiss Cottage

Our Repointing team at Swiss Cottage is famous for being the best team for the repointing process. Our team of professionals understand how crucial the whole process is and therefore make sure that we guide all our customers, old and new through the process so that they get their desired results. 

Before getting into the repair process, it is important to know what pointing is. It is the process by which the brick joints are filled with mortar. This process is important for structural stability and must be done over and over again in order to repair the damage caused by pollutants and the weather conditions. 

Before doing the repointing process, it is pertinent to know what caused the issues that headed towards the process. The weather conditions and the environmental conditions tend to cause erosion as well as weathering to the bricks. The problem is with smaller cracks. If the cracks are small enough they would cause no harm and if they are large, they might be more harmful to the building if tampered with.

Chimney Repair Swiss Cottage

A chimney is the most common exhaust present. We have seen it in films and know it to be a great exhaust. However, what people do not know is that a chimney is in fact a machine and just like any machine, it requires care. Therefore, our team at Chimney Repair at Swiss Cottage make sure we take care of and repair your chimney so that it begins to work in the best condition. 

Contrary to popular belief, a chimney needs more care from its exterior than interior. People tend to clean the chimney from the inside, thinking that will do the job. However, it is the outer structure that needs to be maintained in order to keep the structure stable. 

There are two major issues that cause chimneys to be damaged. The first one is the mortar getting damaged. While the second one is rainfall and other weather conditions. The pollutants tend to get stuck by the bricks and cause them to break off. While rainfall, because of the pressure of water too causes the bricks to erode. This erosion and weathering is harmful for the bricks and consequently affect the structural stability of the chimney. Our team works and makes sure that this is repaired and does not happen again.