Pointing Services Muswell Hill

Our Pointing Services team at Muswell Hill is very experienced when it comes to the pointing process. We understand that the process is a complex one and therefore make sure that our customers are guided thoroughly. Most of our customers have little or no knowledge about the process and therefore we make sure that our customers leave satisfied with whatever information we tell them. 

The most important question to grasp is what pointing is. It is the process by which brick joints are filled in with mortar. This is a crucial process as the weather conditions and the environmental hazards over time cause the bricks to erode and weather off. If the process of pointing is not done, the structural stability of the building will be compromised. 

There are two things that can be done to prevent the pointing to be tampered. The first one is to use good quality cement in the mortar. While the second one is to use the best quality bricks. Both these will play a role in the longevity of the building. Furthermore, it is obvious that a recent building will need less work while an older building would need more work.

Repointing Muswell Hill / Pointing Repair Muswell Hill

Our repointing team at Muswell Hill is known for being one of the best ones. This is because our team understands how crucial the process is. Our team of professionals make sure that we help all our customers so that they get the desired results. We put our sweat into the process as we greatly understand how crucial the process is. 

Before getting into the repair process, it is important to understand what pointing is. It is the process by which the brick joints are filled with mortar. This process is especially important because the weather conditions and the terrible pollutants tend to get stuck to the bricks causing them to erode. If the repointing process is not completed, the structural stability of the building will be compromised. 

The basic issue that causes the need to repoint is erosion and weathering. Overtime cracks are formed due to this in between bricks and therefore, the process is crucial. Both the small and large cracks need not be touched upon, as the small cracks are too early to touch while the larger cracks may cause more problems if touched upon.

Chimney Repairs Muswell Hill

A chimney is the most common exhaust known to man. It is famous and shown in films and remains to be one of the most progressive parts of a building. However, one thing that many people do not know is that a chimney is in fact a machine – a type of machine that generates airflow. Just like any other machine, it requires care. This is exactly what our Chimney repair team at Muswell Hill is for. 

Contrary to popular belief, a chimney must be cleaned from the outside rather than the inside. People tend to clean it from the inside thinking that that is what will keep it clean, when in fact a chimney’s structure is what matters more. A chimney may erode or weather due to weather conditions as well as environmental conditions over time. 

There are two main issues that need to be determined when working with a chimney. The first one is where the mortar may be damaged, while the second one is how rainfall affects a chimney. The mortar may get damaged due to the weather conditions and the pollutants that get stuck to the bricks. Likewise, due to the pressure of water of the rainfall, the bricks of the chimney may get eroded as well.