Pointing Services Kenton

Our Pointing team at Kenton have, over the years, learnt the best way to go about the process of pointing. We understand to a great extent about the complexities of the procedure and thus are always ready to help any customer who asks for it. Most of our customers who make an inquiry know little about it and we find it to our duty to help them through the process to achieve their desired results. 

Before we move on, it is important to understand what pointing is. Thought to be something rather basic, it is the filling of the joints in bricks with mortar. The process is more tedious than anything else and requires a lot of time and patience. Pointing is needed when over the years, due to the dreadful weather and the fatal pollution, bricks tend to erode easily. 

One thing must be kept under consideration at all times; that is using the good type of cement in the mortar. This is especially necessary as the type of cement determines the life of the process of pointing. Good cement would obviously last longer. Furthermore, it is also obvious that a recent building would need less work while an older one would not.

Repointing Kenton / Pointing Repair Kenton

Our Pointing repair team at Kenton is known for the pointing services it provides. Our team takes the process seriously and understands how crucial it is for the structural stability of a building. Our team consists of professionals who have worked endlessly and tirelessly over the years to get the desired results that satisfy the customers. 

Before getting into the process of repointing, it is important to understand what it is. Albeit simple it is a tedious process that takes up a lot of time and effort, since it is the filling up of mortar between the brick joints. The need develops and even persists as the pollutants that hover the skies tend to stick to the bricks and remain inside the mortar causing the bricks and rocks present in the mortar to break down. 

The basic issue that does cause the weathering is the bad weather along with the pollution that encapsulates the skies. This forms cracks inside the bricks. Neither small or large cracks must be tended to as the small cracks are harmless while the larger ones when filled would cause further damage instead of providing aid.

Chimney Repair Kenton

A chimney is perhaps the most common known old exhaust that exists. However, what most of the people do not know is that it is more complicated than we know of. In fact, it is a machine and not a mere creation of mud and bricks. Just like other machines, it asks for a lot of proper care at all times. Our team at MR Pointing and Brickworks London, understand this very well and know the right way to take care and repair damaged chimneys. 

Contrary to the very popular belief, chimneys are not only cleaned from the inside. Since they are open from both ends, there is a higher chance of permanent damage that can cause these chimneys to fall off or break away from their place. 

Our Chimney Repair team at Kenton, because of their experience and understanding of chimneys know that the outer part of chimneys are usually eroded or damaged by weather conditions and flying dust particles that come in and get stuck with the wind. This mortar and the bricks need to be repointed and tended to so as to not cause any sort of serious damage.