Pointing Services Hornsey

Our Pointing services team at Hornsey has a good experience when it comes to working with pointing. Our team greatly understands that the whole process is a rather complex one and therefore makes sure to guide and help anyone looking for it. On various occasions, many customers have come to us and inquired about the process and our team makes sure that we aid them to the best of our abilities so that they get the desired result. 

Before moving forward, it is pertinent to understand what pointing is. It is the process where the brick joints are filled in with mortar. This process is necessary because the weather conditions as well as the pollution that hovers the skies causes the bricks to erode and weather over time, affecting the stability and the look of the building. 

The pointing will work well only when the cement in the mortar used is of good quality and the bricks used are strong as well. Furthermore, it is obvious that new buildings need less work while the older the building, the more work it requires.

Repointing Services Hornsey

Our Pointing repair team at Hornsey is known for being one of the best teams for pointing repair. This is because our team understands how crucial the whole process is. Our team of professionals makes sure to understand the complexities of the process and guide our customers to get the desired result they want. 

Before getting into the repairing process, it is important to know what pointing is. It is a simple process whereby the brick joints are filled with mortar to prevent the bricks from erosion and weathering. These problems may occur because of the weather conditions and the pollution that hovers the skies. 

Before the repointing process, it is essential to know what causes the issues. It is important to repoint otherwise, it would form cracks within the bricks and both small or large cracks cannot be repointed as it would cause further problems to the bricks and the building.

Chimney Repairs Hornsey

A chimney is perhaps the most known exhaust that exists. This is something that people have been seeing for centuries. However, even then what people do not know is that a chimney is in fact a machine. Therefore, just like any machine it requires a lot of care to work properly. 

Contrary to popular belief, a chimney does not only need to be cleaned from the inside but requires more work on the outside. This is because the outside of the building determines the structural stability and therefore how well the machine will work. 

There are two main reasons that cause the need for a chimney to be repaired. It may seem that a chimney needs a lot of work however, just basic care can too help the chimney to stay put for a long period. However, if the mortar used in the chimney and the weather conditions do not help, the chimney may be ruined too. For this reason it is very important that the mortar used in the chimney is not damaged due to either the pollution or the rainfall.