Pointing Services Highgate

Our Pointing Team at Highgate take great pride in being one of the best pointing teams in the UK. This is because our team is very experienced and greatly understands how complex the process is. We make sure that we do the work to the best of our abilities and for this reason most of our customers remain loyal to us. There are various customers who are new to the procedure but even then come to us because they are sure that our team would give them the desired results. 

Before moving on it is pertinent to understand what pointing is. Pointing is the process in which brick joints are filled with mortar. This is especially important as the weather conditions and the pollution cause the bricks to erode and weather. 

It is quite obvious that good cement and bricks must be used to make the mortar otherwise, the mortar would not stay put causing problems to the stability of the building. Furthermore, it should be kept in mind that a recent building would need less work while an older building would need more work with the mortar to get the desired results.

Repointing Services Highgate

Our team at Highgate is known for being one of the most known for the process of pointing repair. This is because our team understands greatly as to how crucial the process is for a building. For this reason our team of professionals makes sure that we deliver to the best of our abilities. 

Before getting into the process of pointing repair, it is important to understand what pointing is. The process albeit simple is quite tedious. However, the process is to fill brick joints with mortar. This is important as the terrible weather conditions and the pollutants tend to stick to the bricks causing them to erode and break off into pieces. 

This happens often and is the main reason that the pointing needs to be repaired. Various cracks form in the bricks. The small ones are too early in the process to be fixed while the larger ones if fixed can cause more damage than anticipated. For this reason, pointing must be repaired so the bricks do not chip off or crack breaking off the stability of the building.

Chimney Repair Highgate

Chimney is the most common exhaust known to man. We see it in films and cartoons all the time. However, what we do not know is that a chimney is in fact a machine needed for generating airflow. Just like any other machine a chimney asks for care. 

Contrary to popular belief, a chimney does not only need care from the inside but more from the outside. This is because the working of the chimney depends on the structural stability which obviously pertains to the construction. The inside cleanliness also matters, but of course not as much. 

There are two basic issues that pertain to the process of chimney repair. The first is the mortar getting damaged while the second one is the weather conditions. The mortar gets easily damaged because the weather conditions and the pollution cause erosion. The pollutants and dust particles get stuck to the bricks and cause the bricks to break off. Furthermore, the rainfall causes the bricks to become weaker. Our team cleans the mortar, removing all those particles that are stuck to the bricks.