Pointing Services Hendon

Our Pointing Services Team at Hendon has good experience when it comes to pointing. This is because our team members understand how complex the process is and therefore, are willing to work to get the desired result. We understand that many of our customers have little or no knowledge when it comes to the process and that is why, we find it to be our aim to make sure that we help our customers with whatever problem they may have. 

Before, getting into anything else, it is important to understand what pointing is. It is the process whereby the brick joints are filled with mortar. This is especially important because the weather conditions as well as the pollutants tend to cause drastic changes such as erosion and weathering to these bricks. 

If, however, there is good cement used in the mortar and the bricks used are of good quality as well, then only the pointing will survive.It is quite obvious that new buildings will need less work on them while older buildings need a lot more than usual.

Repointing Services Hendon

Our Pointing Repair team at Hendon is rather famous for being very good with the process of repointing. This is because we understand how crucial the process is and try our best to guide our customers through it. Our team of professionals have worked tirelessly for years to get to know the little hacks that make our team the best for this job. 

Before getting into the repair process, it is pertinent to know what pointing is. It is the process whereby the brick joints are filled with mortar. This is especially important for the structural stability of the building. If the pointing is not done right or something happens to it due to the drastic weather conditions or the pollution, the bricks and the rocks used will eventually break down ruining the building.

Just as it is important to know, the process of pointing. It is also important to know what causes the issues that eventually lead to the need of repointing. Cracks may start to form in the bricks and neither the small cracks or the large cracks may be filled, as they would be of no use filling the cracks or the process may cause further damage.

Chimney Repair Hendon

A chimney is the most common exhaust known. Therefore, what people do not know about it is that it is in fact a machine and just like any other machine it asks for a lot of care. For this reason, our Chimney repair team at Hendon makes sure to work through with our customers to get the desired result. 

Contrary to popular belief, a chimney needs more cleaning on the outside than the inside. Most people tend to clean it on the inside more when in fact the structural stability of the building depends on the outside of the chimney. The mortar holds on to the bricks and binds them together. For this reason it is especially important that the mortar does not get affected by anything such as the weather and the pollution. 

If however, the mortar is damaged due to the weather conditions or the pollution, it must be repaired immediately as that can severely have an affect on the stability of the structure of the chimney. Furthermore, the rainfall also causes the bricks to become weak. Our team makes sure to find hacks so as to protect the chimney from such issues.