Pointing Services Hampstead

Our pointing team at Hampstead of Mr Pointing and Brickwork have had experience over the years with working through the process of pointing. For this reason we greatly understand how complex the process is. We have numerous customers who come to us inquiring about the procedure because they know little about it. Either ways, our team always makes sure to answer all the questions so our customers leave satisfied. 

Before moving forward with anything, it is important to understand what pointing is. It is a process in which the brick joints are filled with mortar. Pointing is a tedious process that requires a lot of patience but needs to be done correctly as it determines the structural stability of the building. Pointing may need to be repaired over time as the weather conditions and the pollutants may cause the bricks to erode. 

The prevention of problems when it comes to pointing is a rather easy task. There are two basic ways, this can be done with. The first one is to have a good type of cement as part of your mortar and the second one is to have good quality bricks that do not erode or break off easily.

Repointing Services Hampstead

Our Pointing repair team at Hampstead is known for the pointing services it provides. Our team takes the process seriously and understands how crucial it is for the structural stability of a building. Our team consists of professionals who have worked endlessly and tirelessly over the years to get the desired results that satisfy the customers. 

Before getting into the process of repointing, it is important to understand what it is. 

Albeit simple it is a tedious process that takes up a lot of time and effort, since it is the filling up of mortar between the brick joints. The need develops and even persists as the pollutants that hover the skies tend to stick to the bricks and remain inside the mortar causing the bricks and rocks present in the mortar to break down. 

The basic issue that does cause the weathering is the bad weather along with the pollution that encapsulates the skies. This forms cracks inside the bricks. Neither small or large cracks must be tended to as the small cracks are harmless while the larger ones when filled would cause further damage instead of providing aid.

Chimney Repair Hampstead

Our Chimney repair team at Hampstead is one of the very few team who understand the fact that a chimney is a machine. This is because more often than not people only perceive it to be an old fashioned exhaust whereas it is a machine that generates airflow. 

Contrary to popular belief, a chimney works well when it is maintained from the outside and not merely cleaned from the inside only. The cleaning from the outside causes the chimney to resin sturdy providing the structural stability it needs. The cleaning on the outside consists of making sure that the bricks are aligned and the mortar is not damaged. 

Since these are the preliminary issues that cause faulty chimneys, it is important to keep a check on the mortar and prevent it from getting damaged by the weather as well as pollution and consequently from breaking off or erosion. It should also be kept in mind that rainfall causes bricks to become weaker. Our team makes sure to work keeping in mind the sensitive condition of the chimney.