Pointing Services Golders Green

Our pointing team at Golders Green of Mr Pointing and Brickwork has a great experience working with the process of pointing over many years.  We understand fully how complex a process this is and are ever ready to help and guide any customer who comes to us with this problem. We make sure that because of this procedure, all our customers are satisfied and become loyal customers for life. 

Pointing is a very crucial process that demands a lot of patience, otherwise it is basically just filing of brick joints with mortar. Good pointing determines the stability of the building as it acts as a protective sealant towards the bricks against the pollutants and weather conditions that can harm the bricks causing them to erode. 

One of the best ways to get the outcome you desire with pointing is using a good type of cement in the mortar. The types of bricks will also help the structural integrity of the building. Furthermore, it is obvious that any new building would need less work while an older building would require and ask for more work.

Repointing Services Golders Green

Our Pointing repair team at Golders Green is known for being one of the best teams for pointing repair. This is because our team understands the crucial process and makes sure that our customers find our help useful. Our team consists of professionals who have never let us down. 

Before getting into the repair process, it is very important to understand what pointing is. The process is basically filling in of the brick joints with mortar to prevent the bricks and rocks from weathering, which is the eventual breaking off of bricks and rocks. This may occur because of the dreadful weather conditions and the pollutants that tend to get stuck to the bricks and rocks and not getting off. 

Repointing may become easier, if the causes for weathering and erosion are known. The basic issues are the weather conditions and the terrible pollutants that pollute the bricks and mortar used. This causes cracks to form in the bricks. Both the small cracks as well as the large cracks, must not be dealt with, as with the small cracks it is too early to mend while the larger cracks once filled may end up causing more damage to the bricks than before.

Chimney Repair Golders Green

Our chimney repair team at Golders Green is known for keeping up to the mark level of maintaining chimneys. This is especially different as most people tend to believe chimneys to be mere exhausts while in fact they are machines used to generate airflow. Consequently, just like any other machine a chimney too asks for care and since we tend to ignore it, a chimney then falls short of maintenance. 

Just like people think of it as an exhaust, they also believe the fact that cleaning the inside of a chimney would do the task whereas this is the wrong perception. A chimney needs more cleaning perhaps, from the outside as the weather conditions and pollutants cause weathering making bricks and rocks to break off, ruining the structural stability of the chimney. 

The basic need is to prevent the mortar from being damaged by terrible weather and strong pollutants that tend to stick in the bricks causing erosion. Furthermore, rainfall every now and then causes the bricks to become weaker decreasing any stability that may have been left. Our team finds it their duty to maintain both the mortar outside as well as the bricks and prevent them from being so weak so as to break off easily.