Pointing Services Finchley

Our pointing team at Finchley of Mr Pointing and Brickwork has had a great experience of quite a many years with the whole process of pointing. Our team understands how very complex the whole process is and therefore are readily willing to help anyone who asks for it as there are various customers who know little or nothing about the process. 

One of the preliminary parts of construction, pointing is the process whereby brick joints are filled with mortar. Pointing ensures the stability of the bricks and thus the structural stability of the building. Pointing is done, as weather and pollutants might cause the bricks to erode, breaking it off, as the process adds as a sealant to the bricks. 

To have a clean process, it is crucial that good cement is used for the mortar since if that is not the issue the mortar will not be able to hold its standing. The bricks used must also be of great quality. Furthermore, it is obvious that a recent building would need less work and an older building would ask for a lot more care.

Repointing Services Finchley

Our Pointing repair team at Finchley is known for being one of the best teams for pointing repair. This is because our team understands the complexities about the process and know how crucial the whole process is for structural stability of a  building. We have a team of professionals who are very good at what they do and therefore our customers are always happy with the outcome. 

Before getting into the process of repointing, it is very important to understand what pointing is. The process is basically filling joints between bricks with mortar. Pointing needs to be repaired since over time due to the drastic weather conditions and the terrible pollutants that encapsulate the skies, the bricks tend to erode or weather, consequently breaking down. 

As much as repointing is important, it is also important to understand the issues that cause the need of repointing. Weathering of the bricks causes cracks to form in bricks or rocks used. If the cracks are too small, there is no point in filling them and if they are too big, filling them could cause further damage. For this reason, only very experienced team members are required to go about with the process of pointing.

Chimney Repair Finchley

Our Chimney Repair team at Finchley is among the few noted ones who are favoured for knowing how to repair chimneys. This is because more often than not people perceive chimneys to only be exhausts merely whereas in reality they are actually proper machines that are used for generating airflow. Hence, just like any other machine, a chimney too, asks for care and maintenance. 

Contrary to popular belief, chimneys do not need only cleaning from the inside rather than outside to work effortlessly. This is so as to prevent the mortar and the bricks from getting damaged from the pollution and the weather conditions which cause the bricks to break off and cause erosion. 

These two issues are very crucial for any chimney. The first one being mortar being damaged while the second one pertaining to the bricks getting damaged by rainfall. Either ways, the mortar and the bricks get damaged due to rain, winds and pollutants and dust particles are bound to stick to them. Our team makes sure to pick out these particles before tending to any further issues that lessen the life of a chimney.