Pointing Services Edgware

Our Pointing team at Edgware of Mr Pointing and Brickwork have, over the years, learnt the best way to go about the process of pointing. We understand to a great extent about the complexities of the procedure and thus are always ready to help any customer who asks for it. Most of our customers who make an inquiry know little about it and we find it to our duty to help them through the process to achieve their desired results. 

Before we move on, it is important to understand what pointing is. Thought to be something rather basic, it is the filling of the joints in bricks with mortar. The process is more tedious than anything else and requires a lot of time and patience. Pointing is needed when over the years, due to the dreadful weather and the fatal pollution, bricks tend to erode easily. 

One thing must be kept under consideration at all times; that is using the good type of cement in the mortar. This is especially necessary as the type of cement determines the life of the process of pointing. Good cement would obviously last longer. Furthermore, it is also obvious that a recent building would need less work while an older one would not.

Repointing Services Edgware

As already mentioned that our team is known for pointing, it should further be highlighted that our team greatly understands how crucial the process for pointing is for the structure of a building. Our Repointing team at Edgware of Mr Pointing and Brickwork have tremendous experience when it comes to pointing. The team makes a proper effort to guide its customers through the procedure so they do not feel left behind. 

Before getting into the repairing part, it is important to know what pointing is. It is the process whereby the joints of bricks are filled with mortar. This is needed because over time, as the building ages, the pollutants and weather cause the bricks to erode, decreasing their life. Weathering begins to occur, which is the eventual breaking down of bricks and rocks. 

The basic way is to fill in all the cracks as well as the joints. However, if the cracks in the bricks are too small, it is best to leave them be as they are not a threat. Likewise, the larger cracks should not be dealt with as well, as they too can cause more damage if repointed.

Chimney Repair Edgware

The concept of chimneys is not a very modern one. People have been using chimneys for hundreds of years. However, many still do not know that the chimney is a machine for generating airflow and nothing else. Just like any other machine, it asks for care and our Chimney Repair team at Edgware is well experienced and aware of the whole process. 

Just like it is not known that the chimney is in fact a machine, many do not know that it is the outer part of the chimney that demands care more than inside also determining the correct use of the chimney. The outside of the chimney needs to be steady in order to maintain the structural integrity. This is threatened by pollutants and the weather that can cause erosion in the bricks. 

The basic problem caused is the mortar being damaged. Due to the drastic conditions the mortar is damaged and needs replacement. If not replaced, this can cause the chimney to erode and weather and eventually fall off causing severe damage to life and structures.