Pointing Services East Finchley

Our Pointing team at East Finchley of Mr Pointing and Brickwork take great pride in being one of the top most experienced teams who understand the procedure to the dot. We know the complexities of the process and make sure that our customers are satisfied in getting to know all about it. We work a little harder as we understand that a lot of our customers are not accustomed to the process and may have little or no knowledge about it. 

Before anything else, it is crucial to understand what pointing is. The process is rather tedious and demands patience because basically it is just the filling of the brick joints with mortar. This process is very important for the building as the weather conditions and the pollution over the years causes the bricks to erode making them lose their strength. 

One of the best ways to get the outcome that one desires is, to use the best type of cement in the mortar. The type of cement would consequently determine the life of the mortar. Furthermore, it is also quite obvious that a relatively new building would need lesser work while an older one would require more work.

Repointing Services East Finchley

Our Repointing team at East Finchley is quite famous for the pointing repair process. Our team of professionals use their experience of many years to repair the damage caused. Not only that, our team makes sure to guide the customers through the process as our team understands how crucial the process is. 

Before getting into the process, it is important to know what pointing is. It is the filling of the joints between bricks, with mortar. The need develops because due to weather conditions and the pollutants particles tend to cause erosion of these bricks. This causes weathering which is the breaking down of bricks and rocks used. 

The repointing process can only be mastered if the issues that cause it are known. If there are only small cracks in the bricks, then there is no actual need to repoint. This is because it is too early and the bricks would not erode or weather because of small cracks. However, if the cracks in the bricks are too big, repointing those as well would lead to worse problems and harm them further. 

Chimney Repair East Finchley

Chimneys are known to be the most common exhaust there is. However, to everyone’s utter dismay what only few people know is that it is infact a machine. This machine is used for generating airflow. Thus, just like any other machine chimneys ask for care and our Chimney Repair team at East Finchley knows exactly how to do that. 

Contrary to a very popular belief, chimneys do not work fine if they are only cleaned from the inside. In fact, it is the built of the chimney that matters more. This is because the outside determines the working of the chimney since that is what provides the support. 

One of the very important things is the mortar getting damaged. One must make sure that it does not happen and try as much to protect it from pollutants and dust particles that might get stuck to it over the years. The mortar needs to be solid and be god enough to support the chimney’s structure. Same goes for the bricks. Over time, the rain fall causes bricks to become weaker. Since, replacing bricks is a tedious, expensive and difficult job, by merely checking up on the mortar can help protect the life of the bricks.