Pointing Services Ealing

Our Pointing team at Ealing at Mr Pointing and Brickwork has a great experience of many years working with pointing and the whole process. For this reason, our team understands that it is a complex process, albeit little known among our customers. Our aim is to reach out to everyone who asks us about the procedure and guide them through achieving their desired results. 

Before getting into anything else, it is important to understand what pointing actually is. Pointing is the filing of mortar in the joints of the brickwork. It is mostly necessary as years of usage causes the bricks to erode due to dreadful weather conditions as well as the aggravated pollution. Pointing would help bring back the bricks into normal condition again. 

One of the most important ways to get the desired result is to use good cement in the mortar. This cement would determine the life of the process of pointing and how good mortar will be long lasting and consequently more effective. It is quite obvious that a recent building would need less work and an older building would have the need to be worked on a lot more to be back into good condition.

Repointing Services Ealing

As already mentioned, our teams at MrPointingandBrickworks are known for handling pointing procedures, our Pointing Repair team stands out as one of the best ones in London. We understand deeply how crucial the process is, and therefore, always make sure that our team of professionals guide our customers through the whole process. 

Before getting into the repairing part, it is important to understand what pointing is. This is a very tedious procedure albeit an easy one, whereby mortar is used to fill joints between bricks. The drastic weather conditions along with the terrible pollutants that hover the air cause the bricks to weather and erode which is the eventual breakdown of bricks and rocks. 

The basic issues that cause the need to repair the pointing is weather. over time, the bricks may break off and if not repaired, may be a threat to the building and anyone in contact with it. With newer buildings, however, there is little or no need for repointing as it may be too early to touch the structure. While old buildings are a little sensitive and touching them to repair may cause worse problems.

Chimney Repair Ealing

A chimney is the most commonly known exhaust. People have used it to generate airflow over hundreds of years, developing it into something modern each time. However, little do people know that a chimney is in fact a machine and just like any other machine a chimney asks for care. 

Most people believe that a chimney is maintained by cleaning it from the inside. However, that is absolutely not the case. A chimney is obviously needed to be cleaned from the inside but it is the structure on the outside that helps maintain stability of the chimney. 

There are two main reasons that determine if the chimney needs any repairing. The first one is the mortar getting damaged. Just like any other structure, the pollutants and weather conditions cause the particles to get stuck into the joints of the bricks causing weathering and eventually breaking off the bricks. To prevent the bricks from breaking off and eventually losing the stability of the chimney, mortar must be repaired every once in a while. Furthermore, since rainfall also causes the bricks to become weaker, if the bricks need repairing; it must be done as well. Our Chimney Repair Team at Ealing makes sure to clean the bricks removing any particles that are stuck from it.