Pointing Services Crouch End

Mr Pointing and Brickwork is known for the wonderful services rendered pertaining to Pointing. Our Pointing Services Team at Crouch End, has gained experience over the years and are now known for it. There are however, some of our customers who still have little or no knowledge of what pointing is and how integral its need is in the construction of a building. 

It is crucial to understand what pointing is, before getting into anything else. Pointing is the filling of the joints in between the bricks with mortar. This process, even though lesser known, is very important for a building as the drastic weather conditions and the dreadful pollution over the years weaken the bricks. The process of pointing helps fix these issues, maintaining them correctly. 

There are some things that need to be kept under consideration while going through the process of pointing. The most crucial one is to use a good type of cement in the mortar. Furthermore, if bricks are needed; they should also be the best. However, one thing must be kept in mind at all times – a new building would need less work while an old building would ask for more maintenance.

Repointing Services Crouch End

Our Repointing Team at Crouch End is known for its procedures especially pointing. This is because our team of professionals understand how crucial as well as time consuming this process is and the definitive need there is in any building. Our team has been in the business for quite a while and thus understand the problems that come with it as well. 

Before getting into the repairing process, it is vital to understand a little about what pointing is. Pointing is the filling of joints between bricks with mortar. This is especially important because over the years, due to dreadful weather conditions and the dust particles that come with pollution; causes weathering. This weathering is the eventual breakdown of the bricks and rocks that have been used in the construction of the building. 

Repointing is needed if there are cracks formed or that the bricks are becoming hollow. However, what needs to be kept in mind is the fact that the small cracks are not an issue. They are so small that pointing is not needed. Likewise, larger cracks pointing can ruin and harm the bricks and rocks further causing permanent and irreplaceable damage to the building.

Chimney Repair Crouch End

A typical chimney is the most commonly known exhaust in a house or a building. We have seen them in many films over the years as the only way of generating airflow in winters. However, what most people do not know is that it is in fact a machine and just like any other machine it asks for proper care. For this reason, our Chimney Repair Team at Crouch End takes all the necessary precautions because of their experience over the years to maintain the chimneys. 

There is a very popular and well known myth about chimneys – that cleaning them from the inside is all they need. That is not the case. Chimneys just like other machines need maintenance. 

This maintenance comes in two ways. The first is where the mortar is damaged due to weather and pollution causing erosion of the bricks. While the second one is rainfall causing the bricks to become weaker. Our team makes sure to clean the particles from the mortar and replace it with new mortar as well if need be. The bricks should not be replaced often as it weakens the construction of the chimney.