Pointing Services Cricklewood

Our team at Mr Pointing and Brickwork has an experience of many years working for the process of pointing. We understand how the whole process can be complex, thus we give it our hundred percent to the customer for their satisfaction. More often than not, most of our customers do have knowledge as to what pointing is. Sometimes, customers ask for our help which we provide wholeheartedly as well, guiding them through the whole process. 

Before getting into the process of pointing, it is important to understand what it actually is. Ponting in simpler words is the filling of the joints of the bricks with mortar. This is needed when over the years, the dreadful weather conditions and the increase in pollution causes the bricks to erode. 

Our Pointing Services team at Cricklewood make sure that we use good quality of both the cement in the mortar as well as the bricks, if need be. Furthermore, our team of professionals also make sure to only go through with the process of pointing if it is a new building and the issue can be fixed. Otherwise, the process may only worsen the situation.

Repointing Services Cricklewood

Our Pointing Repair team at Cricklewood is known for easily understanding how very crucial the whole procedure is. Our team of professionals have worked over the course of many years in trying to come up with the best strategies to help our customers get to their satisfaction. 

Before getting into repair, however, it is important to understand what pointing itself is and under what circumstances there is a need to have the pointing repaired. Pointing is a simple process of filling brick joints with mortar. The need develops when over the years due to being used under drastic weather conditions, weathering is caused. Weathering is the eventual breaking down of bricks and rocks used in the construction. 

Since, we now know what pointing is, we can move on to situations in which the pointing needs to be repaired. As mentioned, even if one does no damage to the mortar, the mere use of it will be needed to be repaired. Furthermore, if there are small cracks in the bricks, there is not any need to repoint just as yet. However, if large cracks are present, the process of pointing may further weaken the bricks causing irreplaceable damage.

Chimney Repair Cricklewood

A chimney is perhaps the oldest and most commonly known type of exhaust. It is typically seen in films, however, people still do not know that it is a machine. It basically generates airflow from inside to the outside or vice versa. Just like any other machine, it requires maintenance. This is something our Chimney repair team at Cricklewood faces mostly as most of our customers know nothing or very little about it. 

Contrary to the very popular belief, chimneys do not only need to be cleaned from the inside but actually from the outside so that they do not fall off or cause any physical damage to the building and its construction. This maintenance helps in the working of the chimney effectively. 

There are two basic ways in which the chimney can be repaired. The first one is where the mortar is damaged. The weather conditions and the pollution causes the mortar to get weary and decaying of the bricks. If this happens, the chimneys can be repaired through pointing. Another way is to replace or fix the bricks that have been eroded, again due to weather conditions where the dust particles get stuck to the bricks and do not come off easily. The bricks need to be replaced, which is a complicated task in itself or they can be filled in temporarily.