Pointing Services Barnet

Our team at Mr Pointing and Brickwork, has a history of positive experiences with our customers who ask for the process of pointing. Our team understands that the process of pointing is a complex procedure. We also take under consideration the fact that our customers have various misconceptions about the process. For this reason, our team works patiently consequently satisfying our customers and that too a loyal one for the rest of their lives.  

It is very crucial to understand what the process of pointing is. Pointing is a crucial process that consists of filling the joints of the bricks with mortar. This is done, as due to pollution and dreadful weather conditions, the bricks are likely to erode causing permanent damage. The process of pointing slows downs the erosion if not stopping it and helps in increasing the life of the building. 

Our Pointing team at Barnet makes sure that the cement used in the process of pointing is of good type. Our team always makes sure that the bricks used in the building are of good quality as well and so, how to deal with them as well. The brick life determines the age of the building as well, helping our team work accordingly.

Repointing Services Barnet

Our team at Mr Pointing and Brickwork, makes sure that the process of pointing is a smooth one so that there is very little need of repairing it for a long time. However, there are various situations where our customers ask us to repair the already done pointing in their buildings. 

Before getting into what the repairing process is, it is very important to understand what pointing is and what causes problems that need to be fixed. The process of pointing is where the joints in the bricks need to be filled with mortar. This is because the weather conditions and pollutants bring in various dust and other particles that tend to cause erosion to the bricks decreasing their age and life. 

Our Pointing Repair Team at Barnet takes all the necessary precautions needed in terms of the repairing process. It is important to understand what caused the need to repair pointing. More often than not, it is natural issues such as rain and weather. However, sometimes there can be other issues as well. For this reason, it is important to take a deep look. We then tell it to our customers who then make sure that those said issues are not repeated.

Chimney Repair Barnet

A chimney is perhaps the most common known old exhaust that exists. However, what most of the people do not know is that it is more complicated than we know of. In fact, it is a machine and not a mere creation of mud and bricks. Just like other machines, it asks for a lot of proper care at all times. Our team at Mr Pointing and Brickwork, understand this very well and know the right way to take care and repair damaged chimneys. 

Contrary to the very popular belief, chimneys are not only cleaned from the inside. Since they are open from both ends, there is a higher chance of permanent damage that can cause these chimneys to fall off or break away from their place. 

Our Chimney Repair team at Barnet, because of their experience and understanding of chimneys know that the outer part of chimneys are usually eroded or damaged by weather conditions and flying dust particles that come in and get stuck with the wind. This mortar and the bricks need to be repointed and tended to so as to not cause any sort of serious damage. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][/vc_column][/vc_row]